Seattle Therapy Services: Skills for Life

Seattle Therapy Services helps children improve their participation in meaningful activities of daily living, such as communication, mealtime, handwriting, social participation, vocation, and leisure. In occupational therapy and speech-language therapy, we create opportunities for success, and celebrate every accomplishment.

We believe that hope begins with feeling understood.

Suzanne, mother

"My son has made amazing progress with Shelley. She is the perfect combination of kind and firm.  Her support of me, as a parent, has been invaluable."


Laura, mother

"Everyone at STS is so thoughtful and intentional about how my son develops.  They are always very engaged and have wonderful suggestions to help our family both in and out of the home."


Mario, father

"We've been taking our daughter to STS for over a year now, and we are very happy with the results!   We are happy to have them on our daughter's therapy team!"

Jen, mother of 11 and 5 year old boys

"Our family has been so fortunate to have Shelley O'Donnell as part of our Therapy Team for over 7 years now.  We were thrilled when Seattle Therapy Services opened, and loved that not only did they offer Occupational Therapy, but other valuable services as well.  Our oldest son lives with Autism and has had many struggles and challenges throughout the years.  Seattle Therapy Services really focuses on how to help kiddos with challenges or delays to be successful in everyday activities.  For our son, this is so important!  We have seen such growth in him over the years, and the support he receives at STS is a big part of that.  They are willing to work with our home therapy team as well as our school team, which is so important that we are all on the same page.  Recently our 5 year old son, who is also on the spectrum, started receiving Occupational Therapy at STS and is doing great!  When I asked both boys what their favorite part of going to STS is, it was unanimous..."the swing is so fun!"  As long as our boys need services, we will continue with Seattle Therapy Services for their amazing staff, professionalism, kindness and support that they give to each family that walks through their doors!"

Noelle, mother of 5 year old girl

"Elena and I look forward to our weekly sessions at Seattle Therapy Services.  We felt welcomed immediately and Megan has been great at working with Elena.  Our daily life at home has improved greatly from the skills learned and our values and opinions are always respected.  I'm always excited to hear about what Elena worked on in the session and how to incorporate what she has learned at home.  I feel at ease knowing that Megan is always thinking ahead at what goals to work on with Elena and that she understands my child completely."


"Of course my three year old  loves coming to Seattle Therapy Services, but I always enjoy my time there as a parent as well.   Each week, my son bounds in and out of Ashley’s room with looks of glee.  And each week, Ihave the opportunity as a parent to share challenges, ask questions,  seek clarification, gain support,  and hear about areas of growth and  focus for my son’s continual development.   Ashley’s professional expertise is amazing, and I also appreciate that she celebrates my son as the wonderful  little individual  he is.   To be able to see what they work on together translate into interactions at the dinner table and at the  preschool playground  is such a wonderful  experience!"

Shelley, Mother of 14 year old boy

"Shelley has been our son's OT since age three and has provided our entire family with amazing support and intervention for over 11 years now. She has successfully brought him through several complex challenges that autism brings; sensory issues with lights, sound, food, clothing, brushing teeth/hair, self injurious behaviors, and severe tactile defensiveness. With Shelley's consistent fine motor guidance; he ties his own shoes, writes in daily journals, types emails, dresses independently, buttons/zips successfully after 10 years of brushing and desensitizing basic clothing so he would feel comfortable in pants, long sleeves and shoes. 
Living with autism in a family full of athletes has been difficult for him to attend sporting events but he now successfully watches his siblings play high school soccer, basketball, tennis, softball games. He recently started Special Olympics track and basketball and will be adding swimming and soccer soon as well. 
It's been great to see the hard work and dedication from Shelley generalize into the school setting and see a 3 year old who started with one word utterances, severe sensory disintegration and virtually no independent life skills become an integral part of our family and continues learning to navigate life in the community with confidence. Much thanks and credit goes to his incredible Occupational Therapy Specialist, Shelley O'Donnell."